Director’s Desk

Letter from the desk of Director

Hi Friends

Greetings and Welcome to the LEEBO Website!

LEEBO Metals Pvt Limited is a copper manufacturing company that offers innovative copper products to customers, and consistently delivers outstanding results. The key to this success can be mainly attributed to it’s proficient workforce who dedicate themselves with passion daily, to making a difference to the lives of various customers and stakeholders.

The predominant belief of the LEEBO team is rooted in their core values viz. Accountability, Passion, Integrity, Leadership and Transparency. They operate with dedication and integrity in all that they do and care deeply about how they procure their company’s results.

In 1995, LEEBO commenced with modest beginnings. The company’s assets and resources have grown substantially with the blessings of Shri Tirupati Balaji to undertake an active role amongst the reputable companies in this segment. This achievement is a significant pointer of professionalism & excellent management capabilities.

As a globally conscious corporate entity, LEEBO continues to originate systems and services to create products that are backed by significant innovations, that support a stronger and sustainable future. This includes a robust commitment to improving Operating efficiencies through customer centric inventions that enable customers to safely use the products in their numerous applications.

Despite several challenges, LEEBO’s efficient business model has enabled the achievement of astounding success, providing value to customers and generating consistent financial returns. Towards this, I would like to place on record my appreciation to all my employees without whom this would not have been possible.

I am immensely proud of my company and I invite you to learn more about LEEBO through this website which is not only user friendly and informative, but which I hope is also aesthetically appealing.

I invite you to explore the various options and look forward to any feedback that you may have.


Warm Regards

Rajesh S Agarwal

Vision 2020