• Keeping customers at the core of all our activities: It is our belief that customer satisfaction is the only facet that will take us towards achieving success. It is therefore very important for us to clearly understand the requirements of our customers and cater to them in the best possible way.

    • Ensuring the safety of all our employees: A safe and secure environment make our employees feel relaxed and motivated enough to pursue their professional and personal goals. We provide them an environment that promotes teamwork; helps them accept accountability for their actions and rewards their achievements, even if it means going against conventional management thinking.

    • Creating value for all stakeholders: With our passion for cost-efficiency, maximum resource utilization and consistent goal achievement, we are on our way to being recognised as one of the most trusted names in the metal industry.

    • Giving back to the community: As corporate citizens, we make it our responsibility to leave a positive impact on the communities in which we work and live in.


Leebo works as a team where each member of the team contributes towards the production, sales, marketing and management functions. If we are a 'supplier of choice' for our it's not without reason. We promise them:

  • Faster and Better production of copper metal strips and copper sheets: We make use of sophisticated machinery and state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture our products and achieve faster and better outcomes.

  • Catering to all kinds of customer requirements: We boast of state-of-the-art precision machinery at our Daman plant, including milling machines, sheet wrapping machines, annealing furnaces and slitting lines.

  • Timely delivery of orders irrespective of volume: Our heavy investment in latest know-how, plant, equipment and machinery helps us deliver orders in time, irrespective of their volume.

  • Top-Quality products: Using only the best quality raw materials and with the adoption of stringent quality control methods, we produce world class products with the help of our strong team of technically competent, highly-qualified engineers, supervisors, inspectors and operators at every stage of the production cycle.

  • Quick and Prompt Responses: Customer service is our top priority and we put in every effort to attend and respond to our customer requests promptly and efficiently.