Leebo products are well-known in the market for their superior functional strength and un-compromised quality. We deliver exactly to our customer requirements and try and exceed them, both in terms of service and quality. We stick to stringent, international standards of quality management systems and are committed to continuously raising the bar for everything that we do.

Lab Equipment

The LEEBO plant has highly developed state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Every year the company invests a high percentage of its budget in installing latest machines and maintaining & checking the running condition of the existing ones. The premium quality equipment and skilled team of professionals help LEEBO manufacture goods in bulk even in the shortest turnaround time. Meeting customer requirement before the deadline has become a signature of LEEBO Metals.

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Environmental Protection

Leebo is proud of its commitment to save the environment. We ensure that our production processes leave minimal impact on the environment. On this score:

  • We have managed to keep our solvent emission levels at the lowest directives
  • We recycle all the copper waste and reuse our packing materials
  • We have zero discharge discharge of any waste into water solubles
  • We creatively utilize and recycle rare resources, where possible.
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What We Believe In

    We are accountable for our own actions and it is our duty to act with integrity, respect others and honor
  • our commitments to our customers
  • It is our top priority to ensure the safety of our employees
  • Teamwork is important to achieve exceptional results
  • Challenging ourselves is the only way to achieve perfection in everything that we do