Leebo Metals Pvt Limited is amongst the pioneers in supplying pure copper and copper-based products for all kinds of industrial applications. Incorporated in Mumbai (India) in 1995, under the mentorship of Mr L N Agarwal, Leebo Metals has been manufacturing and exporting top quality copper products to its customers, spread out across the globe. From our 47,000 sq. feet manufacturing plant in Daman, we have a pan-Asia distribution network in place through which we deliver our products in a timely and professional manner.

We look forward to serving you with 100% commitment, professionalism and absolute integrity!

Our Vision

To emerge as the world’s leading supplier of copper and copper-based products, while reinforcing our commitment to social and environmental sustainability.

Our Mission

  • To delight our customers with the quality of metals we supply.

  • To partner with them in order to be able to fulfill all their requirements and meet their business goals.

  • To strive towards maximum profitability and financial stability; along with the absolute safety and security to our employees; while assuring future growth and prosperity to all our shareholders.

  • To consider the impact of production processes on the environment and make appropriate provisions for its protection and long-term sustainability.

Leebo Metal’s Footprint

The Past

Led by his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr S K Agarwal established Leebo Metals Pvt Limited (‘LEEBO’) in 1995 to cater to the requirements of industries that required copper. It was his vision to make Leebo a synonym for producing top-class copper and copper-based products.


The Present

When the responsibility of leading LEEBO shifted to his son, Mr Rajesh S Agarwal, the scion did not rest on his laurels and bore the family legacy with responsibility, gradually steering it from strength to strength. Hands-on and vastly experienced; armed with his astute understanding of the metal industry, especially, the technical aspects of copper product manufacturing; and under his able guidance, Leebo soon emerged the top brand in copper, products.


The Future

Over the coming five years, Leebo is focused on:


  • Creating greater awareness for Leebo products and penetrating diverse markets across the globe

  • Expanding our customer base in meeting the demands of diverse segments from multinational companies, to public sector units and government entities

  • Manufacturing, re-engineering and customising world-class, quality products for a cross-section of industrial applications

  • Providing unparalleled, timely service that delights and surpasses customer expectations

  • Automating our processes through constant IT / System Upgradation

  • Maximizing sales and profits

  • Reinstating our commitment to sustainable, all-round growth and development