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The use of Copper dates back to about 10,000 years when the Egyptians used it in their hieroglyphic Ankh sign that represented eternal life. Since then, copper has found numerous applications in coinage, building constructions, electronic products, transportation vehicles, industrial machines and in the generation and transmission of electricity.

If you are one of the industries that require high-quality based copper to manufacture your products, you have arrived at the right place!

Leebo can be your copper supply partner and provide you end-to-end, international-quality products and service that is unmatched in the industry.

MD's Desk

Letter from the desk of Managing Director

Hi Friends

Greetings and Welcome to the LEEBO Website!

LEEBO Metals Pvt. Limited is a copper manufacturing company that offers innovative copper products to customers, and consistently delivers outstanding results. The key to this success can be mainly attributed to it’s proficient workforce who dedicate themselves with passion daily, to making a difference to the lives of various customers and stakeholders.

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Why Choose Leebo Metals

  • ETP Grade Upcast Rods
  • Oxygen Free Upcast Rods
  • ETP grade Extruded Copper Rods/Bars
  • OFC grade Extruded Copper Rods/Bars
  • OFC & ETP grade Copper Busbars & Strips
  • ETP grade Copper Rounds / Hex /Squares
  • EC grade Copper Wire
  • Copper Tubes / Pipes
  • COPPER Sheets
  • COPPER Foils
  • COPPER Conductors
  • Paper Insulated Copper Conductors